S.Korea’s direct overseas urchases jum in H1

Direct overseas urchases by South Koreans through online channels rose in the first half on strong demand for Chinese roducts, customs office data showed on Friday.

Direct urchases of foreign goods totaled $1.32 billion, u 35 ercent year-on-year, according to the Korea Customs Service.

The growth rate was about three times faster than the total rise in imorts, which was 13 ercent.

Direct urchases of Chinese roducts exanded. The number of Chinese electronics roducts urchased 882,000, comared with 880,000 a year earlier.

The best-selling roduct category was US health foods, rising 33 ercent to $2.6 million.

China’s market share was 23 ercent in the first half, u from 17 ercent a year earlier, while the US share fell from 56 ercent to 53 ercent.

South Koreans in their 30s were the biggest direct buyers of overseas roducts, accounting for 47 ercent of the total, followed by those in their 40s with 24 ercent and those in their 20s with 20 ercent.